Farm to Table:

   For the Love of Food

Spearheaded by Professors Maria Luskay and Lou Guarneri, PaceDocs 2023 will explore the passion that the French have in their cooking and how the chef takes great pride and care in all that they prepare. We will demonstrate the process of simply taking from your garden and local surroundings that food does not need to be complicated. We plan to meet and speak to chefs and restaurant owners who will explain the joy of cooking and serving the customer. We will talk to patrons who travel and come to eat for the love of food, and we will compare the French and American diet to show the vast difference.

In 1989, the founding manifesto of the international Slow Food movement was signed in Paris, France, by delegates from 15 countries. At its heart is the aim to promote local foods and traditional gastronomy and food production. Conversely, this means an opposition to fast food and industrial food production – so different from America.

What makes food so special:

  • Food consistently pleases us.

  • Food sustains life.

  • Food brings people together.

  • Food comes in many varieties.

  • Food lets you give love to others.

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Food is Love

Food is Love

The team went back to high school today as we visited Lycee Pro Agricole of Coucy-la-Ville for our first filming stop of the day. The curriculum is vastly different than what American students are normally used to. At Lycee, the students take specialized courses that...

What the Farms of France Bring to the Table

What the Farms of France Bring to the Table

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Our First Day in France

Our First Day in France

Early this morning, the PaceDoc team landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. After a long seven-hour flight, Professor Luskay gathered us together and we began the next leg of our journey on a bus to Laon. Although the trip was tiring, as the bus made...

Countdown to Take-off

Countdown to Take-off

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United States v. Europe: A battle of fresh v. processed

United States v. Europe: A battle of fresh v. processed

Bon Appétit! Now that you know the differences between the slow food movement versus farm-to-table, it is time to apply these concepts and compare the food industries in the United States and Europe. The United States food industry is vastly different from Europe. Not...

Our crew

As soon as the team met, we began delegating jobs and getting to know each other’s roles. We will all be wearing many hats throughout the semester, not limited to filming, interviewing, and researching.

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