Meet The Team

Emily Alfieri

Emily Alfieri is a Sophomore Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major from Torrington, CT. Emily fell in love with film while taking a video production class at Torrington High School her junior year.  At Pace, Emily has expanded her skills, taking courses ranging from broadcasting to audio to film studies. She is very excited for the opportunity to work with PaceDocs and gain hands on experience to grow even more within her field.

Emily Arrieta

Emily Arrieta is a MCA student at Pace University working on her master’s degree. When she’s not working on her master’s degree, she’s busy (as a bee) working as a school photographer. She buzzes around taking pictures from New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

Brian Bates

Brian is a Digital Film and Cinema major, junior transfer from Saint Peter’s University (2021). He is on the Pace swim and dive team and is from Norwell, Massachusetts. He’s been featured acting on Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. This is his second documentary, he worked on the PBS documentary Globe Scholars.

Austin Braun

Austin is a graduate student from Stockholm, New Jersey,  looking to start his career in film. He graduated with a BA in Communications and a minor in Digital Media Production from Stonehill College in 2019. He is currently working as a Promotion Assistant at WDHA 105.5 while pursuing his MA in Media and Communication Arts. He has worked in many different positions in film projects, but would consider himself an editor or writer. He is currently working on writing his first feature film.

Sue Carine

Sue Carine a Junior studying Digital Cinema and Filmmaking. She is excited to be a member of this team producing a documentary about such an important part of our environment – BEES! She believes her skills behind the camera, along with the help of an amazing team, will bring this documentary to the next level.

Katie Doyle🐝

Katie Doyle is a Junior Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major with a minor in Art from Pennsylvania. She is buzzing with excitement to get hands-on production experience with an excellent team.

Elizabeth Dreitlein

Elizabeth is a sophomore Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major at Pace University. In her free time she likes to write screenplays, read with the Book Club, as well as make films with her friends. She hopes that you enjoy all the hard work that is going into this production!

Sam Felix

Sam Felix is currently a Junior DCF major with a minor in women and gender studies!! She is extremely excited to be working on this documentary and spreading awareness of the decreasing bee population. She hopes that by making this documentary people will become more aware of the environmental challenges our world is facing!

Kaylyn Fountain

Kaylyn Fountain is a Junior Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major. She is currently a part of the internship program at CreativeChaos as an editing intern. So far in her college career, she has collaborated with her peers to create two short films and she is currently in the post-production stages of her first solo-directed short film, RAVEN. Though she’s only dabbled on the creative side of filmmaking she’s excited and eager to learn what it takes to bring a documentary to life. 

Olivia Hawkins

Olivia Hawkins is a sophomore digital cinema and filmmaking major. She adores movies, and loves to read and write! She also enjoys collaboration and creating things with others.

Korbin Kepner

Korbin is a digital cinema and filmmaking major who specializes in equipment work like camera operation and lighting. He hopes to use what he has learned at Pace to entertain people and make the world a better place.

Cory Kinchla

Cory Kinchla is from Tewksbury Massachusetts. He is a junior Digital Cinematography and Film major. Cory has auditioned for America’s got talent twice. He was also able to get the rights to a Stephen King short story, Nona, for one year and make it a film.

Jason Labuda

Jason Labuda is a graduate student in the MCA program and a Digital Communications Assistant at Greater New York Hospital Association. He has a B.S. in marketing from Franklin University and spent the last five years as Marketing Manager for an award-winning web design company in the Hudson Valley.  He loves to travel. He says, filmmaking is his passion so being part of the PaceDocs team is the perfect opportunity for him to create something amazing.

Brian McDermott

Brian McDermott is a Junior studying Digital Cinema & Filmmaking. He has been fortunate to travel with the award winning PaceDocs team in previous years, and looks forward to joining them again this upcoming semester in France. Currently he interns at CreativeChaos in Brooklyn editing long and short form documentaries for online and televised releases.

Sarah Morge

Sarah is a Sophomore Communications major from Long Island, NY. In high school, Sarah attended the Long Island Academy of Applied Technology where she studied Film and Television Production. She went on to compete nationally with SKILLSUSA for television production and won 1st place for New York State.  She is super stoked to be a part of this year’s documentary, and is excited for this opportunity. 

Jaehan Pag

Jaehan majored in acting in Korea and is currently an MA student.  He says Pace Docs would be a great place for him to learn the nature of storytelling. He intends to learn how to approach and view a subject and deliver a story from it that can speak to anyone anywhere.

Allison Phillips

Allison Phillips and is currently a Junior studying Digital Cinema & Filmmaking. She is part of the internship program at OnlyGoodTV working in pre and post production. In her free time, she loves to paint and create art. She has also done synchronized skating for most of her life and was able to compete at the World Championships for Team USA twice, but has recently retired. 

Sam Roppola

Sam Roppola is a Junior Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major who’s ready to save the bees! 

Chris Sinise

Chris Sinise  is one of the graduate assistants to the Pace MCVA department for the Spring 2020 semester. He is ecstatic to be a part of the PaceDocs team and producing the Bee Aware Documentary. He believes that the opportunity to create with an esteemed documentary team consisting of a talented group of students and dedicated staff is highly motivating and a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Alek Zawadski

Alek Zawadzki is a Junior in the program and will be graduating in 2021 with a bachelors in Digital Cinema and Filmmaking​ and a minor concentration in History. Alek is looking forward to gaining first-hand production experience and learning more about urban beekeeping at home and abroad

Professor Lou Guarneri

Professor/Director Maria Luskay