On May 27th, production began again on BeeAware as the Connecticut group had their first shoot. During our scramble to get interviews after our cancellation of our France trip, the Connecticut group lined up six interviews during spring break. Unfortunately as the United States started to close down for quarantine all the Connecticut group’s interviews were postponed. Instead of giving up, the team continued to keep in touch with contacts and was finally able to start shooting once Connecticut opened up restrictions. So far the Connecticut group has conducted three interviews and plan on doing more in the future.

On the first day of shooting, the Connecticut group headed to Burlington to interview Brenda Nye at Waggle Dance Apiary. The interview with Brenda was great and the group was able to get some excellent b-roll of her hives. Brenda even took the group to more locations where they continued to get b-roll of bees and their hives.The crew filming an interview of Carla from Red Bee Honey.

On June 7th, the Connecticut group had the chance to go to Red Bee Honey in Weston to interview Carla Marina Marchese. This shoot was focused more on Red Bee Honey’s products and the business side of the apiary. It is because our group was not able to get a lot of shots of the hives because the bees did not seem to like them very much. They were chased, stung, and one bee even started to burrow in one of our crew members’ hair throughout the whole shoot. Since we love our bees so much, they chose to respect their space and give them room. But even with this one hiccup, the group was able to get great footage for the documentary.

On June 9th, The group conducted an interview with Down the Lane Farm in Killingworth. The group interviewed Greg Alfiero and this shoot went much more smoothly with the bees being more accepting of the group. Because these hives were a little more isolated than the others, the group had the chance to ride in the back of a pick up truck to reach them. Filming Apiaries at Red Bee Honey.

Connecticut is not finished yet. They have more shoots planned throughout the summer and have even been invited back to Waggle Dance Apiary to film the honey extraction in July! Along with all of our other groups who have more shoots scheduled for the rest of the summer, Connecticut plans to be busy as bees interviewing more beekeepers and filming more b-roll. Keep checking back for updates on our summer film shoots.

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