Introducing the 2019 team for new documentary Hawaii: Living on the Edge in Paradise. Do you know anyone from the Big Island? Let us know!
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This is the question we are going to be asking as we prepare to make a documentary on residents of Hawaii. What is it like to live amongst an active volcano? Let’s find out.

If you have been following the coverage of the active volcano situation in Hawaii you have probably heard much of the science data behind the eruption.  PaceDocs goal is to humanize the story to show the local culture and emotion behind the devastations of this natural disaster. With an extensive list of contacts, we are excited to begin a conversation with residents of Hawaii or more specifically, the Puna District!

Do you feel safe where you live?



I am filled with nostalgia to report that the 2019 Producing a Documentary course has come to a close. 14 weeks worth of hard work and dedication finally paid off as we showcased our documentary over two days in two different theaters. We are lucky to have...

Final Countdown

Tuesday, April 30th, marked our last time meeting in a classroom setting. Although this was a bittersweet feeling, there was hardly time to dwell on it as there was still so much to do. We watched the documentary in its entirety and took notes of any last...

Crunch Time

The premiere date for our documentary has officially been published on the Jacob Burns website Tuesday evening. This is super exciting for us to see, however, this does not mean that our video is close to being finalized. There are still a number of jobs...

Editing & Sweating the Deadline

We are less than a month away from our premiere date at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY. There is no longer a set class time, as students have been in and out of the editing room throughout the week. Students have been spending a...

Post Production, Pre Editing… Storyboarding

Now that all of the interviews have been transcribed, we are now focusing on finding individual sound bites and placing them in our story accordingly. We spent the class physically cutting out people’s quotes from their interviews and placing them on a...

Getting into the Flow of Post Production

As soon as our plane landed back in Newark, the post production process began. Leading up to our Tuesday class, each student had to go through their photos individually and upload them into the appropriate folders that were made online. By the time class...

The Final Day in Paradise

In the blink of an eye, we have approached our final day on the Big Island. It has been a bittersweet moment, as we are preparing to pack and travel back home to New York. Today, the class had a choice as to what they wanted to do. Some decided to explore...

Last Full Day of Production

Today was bittersweet as it marked our last full day of production. One crew stayed in Hilo, where they had a lighter day conducting the last needed series of interviews. They started at a beautiful park where they talked to a couple who lost their beach...

Fissure Eight, Supermoon, and Night Market

Today marked an enormous step in our production process. It was one of those days where nothing went as planned. We had interviews cancelled on us and rain downpouring on us in the middle of interviews. However, as a result of this chaos, we gained...

Surviving Maria

In 2018 Pace University’s groundbreaking documentary series focused on the island of Puerto Rico.

Our Team

As soon as the team met, we began delegating jobs and getting to know each other’s roles. We will all be wearing many hats throughout the semester, not limited to filming, interviewing, and researching.

Do you know anyone from the Big Island?

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