Introducing the 2020 team for new documentary Bee Aware. Do you or someone you know keep bees? Let us know!
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What sparked our interest was reading the stories about the bees that were housed on the rooftops of Notre Dame. That story led us to want to learn more about honey bees, bumblebees, and the significant role they play in our ecosystem. More importantly what effects our society is having on them.

Nous sommes ravis de venir en France pour visiter un pays magnifique et nous voulons documenter le phénomène urbain de l’apiculture et des ruches installées sur les toits.

The Pacedocs  2020 Spring Documentary:

Bee Aware

Weekly French Phrase

Busy like a bee - Occupé comme une abeille


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Our Team

As soon as the team met, we began delegating jobs and getting to know each other’s roles. We will all be wearing many hats throughout the semester, not limited to filming, interviewing, and researching.

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