Meet The Team

Dev Stafford

Cinematographer & Editor

Dev Stafford is a junior Digital Cinema & Filmmaking Major with a Minor in Accounting at Pace University. This is his second time taking the documentary course after being a cinematographer & editor on 2018’s  “Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark.”

Rachel Skopp-Cardillo

First Assistant Director

Rachel Skopp-Cardillo is a third-year Digital Cinema & Filmmaking major from Washington D.C. This isn’t Rachel’s first documentary with PaceDocs. She worked on last years documentary, Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark​, as the First Assistant Director, Assistant Producer, Co-Writer, and Production Manager/Continuity Supervisor.  Her overall dream is to one day make children educational television programming and revolutionize educational TV. Until then, Rachel is excited to work on her second documentary with PaceDocs and give a voice to those living on the island of Hawaii.

Imani Williams

Communications Major

Imani Williams is a Junior communications major and a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma. She’s excited to work on the documentary and hopes you’ll enjoy it.

Alec Sniffen

Digital Cinema

Alec Sniffen is an undergraduate in the program at Pace University, and will be graduating in 2021 with a bachelors in Digital Cinema and Filmmaking​ and a minor concentration in History. Alec is looking forwards to gaining firsthand production experience and learning more about Hawaiian culture and the community that was impacted by Kilauea.  Follow Alec on Instagram @zweig_zawadzki.

Lou Guarneri


Lou Guarneri is a media professional with five years’ experience in television post production and an MA from Pace University in Media Communications and Visual Arts. He is currently a professor at Pace University, teaching video production. Lou is also a filmmaker and storyteller.

Eric Carosella

Cinema & Filmmaking

Eric Carosella is a junior at Pace University currently studying to acquire his B.S. in the Cinema and Filmmaking major. He is looking forward to gaining real world experience as well as learning the importance of working with a team.

Jason Zhizhpon

Digital Cinema and Filmmaking

Jason Zhizhpon is a senior here at Pace University. He is going to be graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinema and Filmmaking.


Digital Cinema and Filmmaking

Blake Rozelle is a Junior from Connecticut. He currently works in the media department as a lab assistant. He hopes to be a Director of Photography, or film editor for television in the future. He has always had a passion for making films, and is excited for being a part of Pace Docs for the second time, now as a masters student.


Digital Cinema and Filmmaking

Luke Piccoli is from Yonkers, New York. This documentary will be his first ever production on-location. His dream is to direct and tell stories through film.


Digital Cinema and Filmmaking

Mico Coluccio is a senior at Pace University, soon graduating with a Bachelor’s in Digital Cinema & Filmmaking. This is his first time experiencing on-location production with a team. He always had​ a deep interest in film and hopes to become a successful music video director in the near future.

Ashley DeSalvo

Digital Cinema and Filmmaking

Ashley DeSalvo is a sophomore, with Digital Cinema and Filmmaking as her major, and Women’s and Gender Studies as her minor. She is a student in the Honors College, a copy editor for the Pace Chronicle, and the secretary for Pride at Pace.


Digital Cinema and Filmmaking 

Joseph Gonzalez is a Graduate Student from Toms River, New Jersey. He is ready to take on this course and get everything he can from it. He hopes this course will help him develop on location skills for his future in the industry. 


Communications Major with a minor in Psychology and Human Relations

Briana Cuttino is a junior. She’s always had an interest in photography and filmmaking. This is her first time taking the documentary course and she is excited to get experience in the production field while being able to travel.


Digital Cinema and Filmmaking Major

Simon Baron Ziff if a senior at Pace University; He is a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking Major; and a writer. He is looking forward to gaining experience in the film Industry and accomplish his goal of becoming a Film Director. He looks forward to gaining the skills necessary to do well in the industry and accomplish his goals. He is currently writing a graphic Novel on the side, and working on several personal projects in film. He has a passion for art, and a everlasting desire to create. 

Kaitlyn Talenti

Journalism & Communications

Kaitlyn Talenti is a Junior, majoring in Journalism and Communications. She is very passionate about photography and writing. Kaitlyn is excited to get hands on experience in the production environment and looking forward to making a difference.


Digital Journalism, Minor in Public Relations 

Christina Bubba is the Feature Editor of the Pace Chronicle and part of Pace’s Cheerleading Squad. This is her first time working on a production team and is excited to travel while gaining experience in the field. 


Media Communication Arts

Meiting Liu will be graduating from Pace December 2019. She is excited to do photography and film making. She hopes to have the chance to work in real world production one way. 


Will Giuseffi is a junior Digital Cinema & Filmmaking Major with a Minor in Business and Criminal Justice at Pace University. He’s also a brother of Alpha Chi Epsilon. Will is excited for the documentary and the experience it will bring (especially the post production work).

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